When we say Chef Ivan is planning a surprise for the future students of Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), we are not exaggerating.

It did not take much effort before his passion for sandwiches convinced him to take the plunge and start his own humble cafe: Breadyard. And similar to the punny moniker, this 50-odd seater could be spotted in a quaint corner of the school. Step into Breadyard and allow yourself to be bombarded by waves of bread perfume, teasing your sense of smell. The tall glass windows welcomed much glow into the cafe, as if the white-coated walls and wood-washed furniture are not already very inviting. Clever enough, the spartan setting means there is nothing to distract you from the stars of the show: home-made grub paired with sincerity. Further, we appreciate that Chef Ivan’s folks bid goodbye to their jobs so as to help prepare the very sandwich you are biting on, hence be pleased that their nosh presents a strong homely appeal.

Though, the irony is: This 21-year-old Chef Ivan is a student in SUTD itself.

the interior

Chef Ivan and family

Ham & cheese (set), 6.5

 Not surprisingly, our ham & cheese sandwich was served on a tray—-it is a student-owned canteen afterall.

Taking our first bite through the crisp Hokkaido milk toasts, our tastebuds screamed in delight by the troika of textures found within. The wedge of emmental cheese had obviously cast an oozy, warm web over the ham, accentuating the natural affinity between the two. Forget juicy but boring cucumber slices, the thin sweet slices of apple stood in as a worthy contender with that dash of creativity. Finally, a drizzle of a tangy honey mustard was introduced into party to seal the deal. The result was a punchy, surprising dish with accents of sweet and savoury. Honestly, we could not get enough.

Smoked chicken (set), 5

 Our smoked chicken sandwich arrived in a pocket of pita bread for a change. Vegetables must be cheap because we were greeted by a garden of lettuce and cucumber in which we had to graze through before the chunks of smoke chicken could come into view. On the other hand, the pita bread was crisp to the bite and lightly fluffy on the insides. We would have better appreciated this dish if not for the repetitive honey mustard sauce that was doused upon our veggies.

The mushroom soup, that came with the set meal, was speckled with bits of croutons on the top to decorate. The paper cup that the soup resided in made it a breeze for us to just down the contents into our bellies. It was a heart-warming soup alright.

Red Chicken curry, 3.9

One does not simply leave Breadyard without at least having a dosage of their curry. The fiery red facade of the curry may send wrong signals to those who eschew spiciness, but you can rest assure that our tongues escaped unscathed. Amongst the red sea of soft potatoes, tough chicken breasts and light whiffs of coconut aroma, the tomatoes lend a touch of acidity to balance out the heartiness of the dish.

Every dip of the curry sauce never left us bored, nor did it end up being too heavy. So, we say you might have to ask for more bread to soak up the excesses.

This 3-month-old cafe may have yet to be seen and heard to the world outside, but within the compounds of the college, business has certainly been thriving faster than his dough can rise. Surely, there are noticeable teething problems, but their earnest effort to fix them are equally evident as well. Nevertheless, the friendly service and affordable fare makes this cafe a winning option, and we are already expecting a full-house when the students start school come August.

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