Rider’s cafe

Rider's Cafe@Bukit Timah Saddle Club

When it comes to inconvenience, Rider’s Cafe puts Privé Bakery to shame.

Tucked away snugly at Bukit Timah Saddle Club off Eng Neo Road, one does not simply navigate here by foot. And whilst schlepping  your way to Rider’s Cafe is not impossible, we can only assure you the hike is not going to be graceful. So, be obedient and grab your car keys along.

However, the result of your diligence is impeccably rewarding. Be greeted by the tranquility of lush vegetation, whereby horses and ponies complement the cosy, sun-drenched surroundings with their quiet presence. The experience of being so close to nature is simply therapeutic, if you don’t mind the smell.

Walking off the pathway into the cafe, the cool and calm background is instantaneously replaced by the hearty crowd merry-making on a regular weekend. This casual-chic colonial terrace may lack air-conditioning, but the couple of whirling fans do a pretty good job beating the heat, and no one’s complaining. Likewise, the nosh in this hideaway packs enough horsepower to put most competitors on stranglehold.

Hint: Let’s just say we wished reservations is as easy as placing packet tissues on the tables.

the interior

Blackstone Benedict with Bacon and Tomatoes, Poached eggs and Hollandaise, 15++

Our eggs benedict came elaborately neat with a pair of perfectly poached eggs glistening in their delicateness. The sunshine-coloured hollandaise sauce that spilled over the eggs had a hint of sourness to lift the flavours, and we were not afraid to admit this was the best we had ever come across. The fondue of lush yolk oozed uncontrollably from the slippery whites, in which we unceremoniously dab our bread upon to save every drip of the cholesterol. Even the greens were not spared.

Enough said.

Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs with Avocado on Toasted Sourdough, 14++

Eggs diehards will not share this dish with anyone, and we are not surprised. The semi-molten, unctuous scrambled eggs that cuddled on the buttered sourdough melted unreservedly in our mouths and glided effortlessly down the throat. The gastronomical pleasure of the creamy eggs was further elevated by the slivers of smoked salmon swimming within, thus lending a further salty dimension. Nevertheless, decadence was brought to another level with a mash of avocado lurking beneath the pile of eggs, which we thought teamed up very uniquely with the eggs.

Brioche French Toast with Burnt Bananas & Smoked Bacon, 14++

Our pillowy-soft french toasts teamed with burnt bananas and smoked bacon was a clear winner. The thin, yielding shell of burnt sugar on the banana halves gave a satisfying crunch as we sank our teeth into the ripe fruit. The golden toasts were oh-so-comforting, less the greasiness. And though we doused the pool of maple syrup upon them, it did not drown the light fragrance of the egg batter at all. Moreover, the slices of crisp bacon bridged a harmony between the sweet and savoury flavours. We’re sold.

It’s almost too easy to pass this spot up in favour of something at a more convenient locale, but that would be a mistake. Although the crew were cutely inexperienced, their sincerity shined through their smiles and we were contented. With awesome brunch like these, Rider’s Cafe could easily be the top brunch spot in Singapore.

51 Fairways Drive

+65 6466 9819

Sunday – Thursday 8am – 9pm
Friday & Saturday 8am – 10pm
Closed on Monday


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