Kith at 7 Rodyk street



:acquaintances, friends, neighbors, or the like; persons living in the same general locality and forming a more or less cohesive group.
Nestled along a quaint corner of Robertson Quay, Kith is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cafe. Just in case you are poor with navigation, the chalkboard by the tree that screams ‘kith cafe‘ should drop you some clue about its hideout. Step into the cafe and be greeted by a gi-normous chalkboard that spans across the wall on the left and be sure to study it carefully because the menu is playfully sprawled upon it. Also, let your attention be drawn towards the neat rows of light bulbs hanging graciously by the wire above our heads; they are the ones that lend some warmth to the cafe. If you are looking for something intimate and cosy, we suggest you let yourself be soaked in the rustic interior whereby wooden furniture dominates.
For those who adore people-watching, snag a seat in the breezy alfresco area which overlooks the river. Do not be surprised, though, to spot nearby residents cycling or jogging in the vicinity. Kith is a favourite with expats, so take delight that it is perfectly normal to be surrounded by Caucasians while you sip on your cup of joe.
We recommend patronizing Kith at odd hours because seating is limited.

a good cuppa by Singapore river

Toasts with scrambled eggs, 7.5/ Mocha, 4.3

We started off with the toasts with scrambled eggs set which came with 2 huge slices of toasts beautifully prepared, and it did not fail to kindle our appetites and hailed our taste buds to attention. We adored the soft bread that carried a light fragrance, but we could be happier with a crust less tough. Snuggled up neatly beside the toasts was the scrambled eggs and every forkful of the creamy morsel revealed a buttery whiff. The existence of mr pepper and ms salt could be the reason why the eggs tasted slightly bland. The defining touch was the home-made strawberry jam held in a cutesy little bowl which quietly contributed to the colourful dish. Expect pulpy yet runny strawberry jam in contrast of those cheap jelly-like ones and rejoice that it got along very well with the toasts. With a jam that is not overtly sweet, even the diabetics could be pleased.

The Mocha came in a goergrous heart shape pattern on top, in fact, too pretty for consumption. It was tough not to fall in love with this chocolate-infused coffee as the flavour was intense enough to perk up the lazy morning. Besides, we really do not mind the increase in levels of endorphins.

Bacon & scrambled eggs toasties, 4.5

We were served 2 triangular pieces of toasties adroitly-prepared to a delectable shade of brown. The toasties were crispy on the outside and every bite of it oozed out generous flecks of smoky bacon and creamy scrambled eggs confluenced in a web of melted cheddar. And the amalgamation of the 3 ingredients was perfect: the crunchy, creamy and chewy all in one mouth. We say don’t bother to resist the urge to use your fingers instead of the cutlery.

The cubes of green apples in a cup were companion to the main and it was hard not to agree that they were pleasing to the eyes. Overall, they were a nice touch to the main.

Bacon and scrambled eggs toasties, 4.5/ Watermelon & lychee smoothie, 4.8

The watermelon & lychee smoothie/ ice-blended did not fail to surprise us as well. Expect a subtle hint of watermelon followed by a mild lychee aftertaste, and thank-god-no-artificial-flavouring. The smoothie was not overtly sweet and we liked it the way it was. Not only was it refreshing to the taste, it would be a perfect drink to wash down all the guilt coming from the unctuous bacon. Go ahead and get an upsize on a hot day.

bring your peeps over

There’s something very therapeutic about having good food with great friends chilling out beside the river, and kith also does help by keeping the price points not too high. Whilst they scored high marks for its laid-back ambience, perhaps they could work more on their service. Good news: No GST nor service charge here. Kick back and kick start your weekend on a good note!

7 Rodyk Street
#01-33 Watermark @ RObertson Quay
Singapore 238215

Contact Number: 6341 9407

Operating Hours:
Daily, 7.00am till 7.00pm



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